A great thing about Miss Universe is all the amazing job it does with its website and social network tools. Watching all the video interviews provided by MUO, we can have a clear view of who might score high on this category. In order to find a champion here, GB narrowed down the field of 89 candidates to 16 quarter-finalists. And they were, in no particular order:

Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, India, Netherlands, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil, Czech Republic, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Malaysia, USA, Panama, Bolivia and Germany

Voting was based on communication skills, charisma, posture, and of course, their responses. Then our analysts re-watched the 16 videos, compared them, and came up with 10 semi-finalists. Again, in random order, they were…

Puerto Rico, Panama, South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Chile, India, Netherlands and USA

More difficult it became, but only 5 were supposed to survive and advanced to the final round of voting. It was such a tough game, that after a tie for 5th place, we had 6 amazing finalists:

South Africa, India, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Philippines and New Zealand

When it was time to pick a winner, our judges were not really divided. Most voted for Miss South Africa, who did an amazing job and has been showing why she’s the clear front-runner for the crown this far. Miss South Africa is GB Miss Personality U12!

Congratulations also to Miss Philippines, who came 2nd, and Miss Puerto Rico, who finished in a well-deserved 3rd place.

Meet our winners, including the continental awardees, with links to their interviews!


 Watch Miss South Africa’s interview

2nd place: PHILIPPINES (Miss GB Personality Asia)

 Watch Miss Philippines’ interview

3rd place: PUERTO RICO (Miss GB Personality Caribbean)

Watch Miss Puerto Rico’s video

Other Continental Winners:

Miss GB Personality Americas: CHILE (tie)

Watch Miss Chile’s video

Miss GB Personality Americas: PANAMA (tie)

Watch Miss Panama’s video

Miss GB Personality Europe: NETHERLANDS

Watch Miss Netherlands’ video

Miss GB Personality Oceania: NEW ZEALAND

Watch Miss New Zealand’s video

Congratulations to all! It looks like you girls are at the right track…