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According to a report published by portal Tempo.co on September 13, the finals of Miss World will definitely have to take place in Bali, although organizers made a plea to the government due to logistical reasons.

Organizers have stated that doing the final in Bali would be “impossible” due to several factors including hotel occupation, transportation of all equipment for the telecast, among many other things.

Syafril Nasution, Director of Corporate Affairs at RCTI, said that they will finally change the event to Bali.  “As good citizens, we will follow the Government’s orders” he told Tempo on September 12th.

Syafril added that the MNC Group team have been trying to talk with the government several times, but they could not persuade them to change their minds.  He said that he regretted this decision as they have prepared for the event during three years and now they have only two weeks to make it all possible in Bali.

The main priority at the moment is to get a proper venue and a good hotel for all the contestants, who were supposed to travel to Jakarta on Friday.

Viana Igah (Marketing Manager of the Grand Hyatt Jakarta) confirmed that all reservations made to this hotel -which would be the official host hotel during all of the contestants’ stay in Jakarta- have been cancelled.

Igah added that the hotel was told about the final decision on Wednesday, and did not want to incur about details or any loss of compensation incurred by the hotel due to the cancellation of the pageant.

The finals of Miss World 2013, originally scheduled to be held at the Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, were suddenly switched to Bali after protesters took the streets of Jakarta.

At the moment, the Miss World Organization has not released an official statement regarding this matter.




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  1. Allan Balcita says:

    what local channel view it’s 2, 7 or 5?

  2. John says:

    Well, lets consider this…

    First, We live in a world with many different culture. Being Miss World should be acceptable by any culture in the world. I can see how Mrs. Julia Morley had been fight to make it happend. She changed alot the concept of beauty pageants to beauty with purpose. Now we can see that new concept makes Miss World participants become highier for each year and the quality become better and better.

    Second, Mrs. Julia Morley is a woman who has faced many challenges in her life to bring the Miss World became the most prestigious event in the worldwide beauty pageant competition. I am sure her experience is so much more than all of us who are here. We maybe running from people that not support our effort, and being friend just with people who accept us. But she is not. I thing this is the value that she want from Miss World, a girl that not only had beauty, smart, purpose, but also have a brave to face any problems in this world, and not run from it.

    So remind your girl in Miss World 2013 competition if they want the 2013 crown, make sure that Mrs. Julia Morley can see that as ambasador of humanity she is ready for that.

    Third, With this situation, Indonesia become best choice for MWO to see which girl can handle it perfectly and how she manage herself to face that problems. Or Maybe… in fact Mrs. Juliay Morley already asked this question to all girl at interview round.

    So enjoy the show all.

    • Stanley says:

      totally agree with John.

      come on….. don’t blind by the beauty contest. Mrs. Julia Morley given the great development and improvement of Miss World event and pageant, but she is really works and showing that ONE WORLD is about LOVE.

      no matter haters or disagree, in one event all countries could be a one GOOD Nation.

      this is not about who’s country is the best to host the event. But i believe even US or England can not save in many terrorist target and all racism people to push any negative statement of their own.

      remember, this is not international model contest or bikinis cover magazine. it’s about showing every diversity and different culture.

      Respect each other is the main purpose of Miss World. Who ever get the title of Miss World should improving that NO ONE CAN make she is reign or afraid in any situation in the world.

      if we only think about people who protest and try to sabotage this event than think twice on how world see to Suriah’s War? ….Economy Crisis??

      don’t be to shallow my friends…. let’s think that Miss World is much….much…much…better than Miss Universe that only care about entertainment and focus only more how Donald Trump can get more rating.

      Miss World stands out to agree with hosting countries in such a great places like China, Indonesia, and maybe more into different new other part of the World.

      so why have to be nasty comment? rethink of yourself, have you done Beauty with purpose like all the Miss World Contestants? has u help orphanage? poor people or just simple help blind people across the street??

      it’s ONE world and it’s should be LOVE is the key.

      start from yourself first than you can critics if you already positive and be good especially be part of the world and make a BETTER LIFE FOR OTHERS!!!

  3. Just says:

    Miss World 2013: Miss Venezuela, Karen Andrea Soto Lugo

    MY TOP10MW2013:

    Côte d’Ivoire
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    Vote4your favs @ http://www.bellezavenezolana.net

  4. Ken says:

    I think between these events in Indonesia for Miss World and a boycott by many fans of Miss Universe due to it being held in Russia this is going to be a very rough year for the Big 2. I hope 2014 is a better year for everyone.

  5. emerald says:

    All things considered, I think Indonesia has done a wonderful job. Thank you Bali. Who needs you Jarkarta.

  6. Montréaliase says:

    This is why organizers of any international event should think twice about selecting a Muslim country as the host. I’m glad that Tokyo was awarded the 2020 Olymmpics and not Istanbul – can you imagine if the female atheletes were required to compete in “non-revealing” clothes?

  7. Jerry says:

    But MWO will be grateful enough to give miss indonesia a placement–out of gratitude–even if the agreement was never realized at all

  8. Philippines says:

    Too bad that happened to Ms. World. If the Philippines hosted that event, most of the major provinces can handle the hosting (Cebu, Davao, or even the island of boracay). Plus the fact that the Philippines is the most passionate beauty pageant lovers in Asia, everything will push through. Funding I think is not a Problem, its just that money isnt well spent.

    • Nikolai says:

      I guess Indonesia could have planned it well. and they can handle it ofcourse.. It’s just that everything went out of proportion because of those Muslim Radicals. In fact Indonesia is a Secular Country. But why do these Muslim Radicals prevailed with their protest? I just dont know..

  9. antonio says:

    Next time in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, the best place to have a beauty contest, as were three successful Miss Universe contests

  10. Chansace says:

    Miss World organisation never learn, what happened when they were staging the pageant in Nigeria? They moved it back to London, all because of Muslim protestors, exotic locations are great for staging pageants but they seem to be the most difficult as well, actually not all, bring it to Oceania, like Australia, NZ etc, no doubt the girls will have fun.

    • john from england says:

      There are many “exotic” locations that could host the contest. Singapore, Philippines,Bahamas, South Africa, Seychelles etc. It just needs to be kept away from countries with large Muslim communities who are strongly opposed to it.

  11. Jeff says:

    Indonesia proved to be an unwelcomed host.

  12. Pete says:

    The planning team & MW Org & Govt shouldv known much better. This must be quite a nightmare for MW Org now, but they had these same issues in Nigeria a few years ago. I seriously think MW should cut back on its production, a 2.5 wk event or 3 wks instead of 4wks, a shorter, more lively finale show, which would make it much more affordable for other countries to bid as host. And is it really necessary to have an Opening Ceremony stage show?? Thats 2 major productions in a short time..opening ceremony should be a gala presentation of contestants dinner..or a festive street parade or something.

  13. Bobby says:

    Miss World should never return to Indonesia again.

  14. rio janeiro says:

    It will be lesson learned for Miss World… not to hold again the contest in these countries considering the strong Islam belief of the large Indonesian population…
    It happened before year 2002 it was supposed to be in Nigeria but the pageant was moved back to London…. The open venue could be great but we can’t compromise the Final show… we have to consider weather restrictions…

    • Luis says:

      I disagree. For me it’s brave from the MW Organization to bring the pageants to those countries where females seem helpless under the dictatorial norms of governments and religion. However, what I find a little discriminatory is that they don’t dare to bring the pageant to the Americas which got a lot of popularity maybe because the cost. Other aspect that annoys me is the so called board in the ceremony which change a lot but in the last 2 years the winner happened to be the leader in the board at the beginning.

  15. XYZ says:

    They didn’t have a contingency plan in place? After all these hints, signals and warnings? SMH……

  16. Davve says:

    MW will never be hosted in Indonesia again.

  17. MAGGIE says:


  18. Paris says:

    Wow the revenue loss and the loss of business connections is going to be felt. I really wish the Indonesian Government would have done something more practical. But at least the pageant gets to continue. But seriously wow, I don’t think Indonesia is going to get picked up as an pageant hosting country ever again.

  19. mushka says:

    And you say Indonesia is a good host? Considering MW is kinda considered a world event being represented by 100+ countries and they let this happen? Considering the finals will be in Bali, it can not equate what Jakarta can offer in terms of proper venue and better hotels. Indonesia is a poor, narrow minded host ever! Please I am not going to take back this comment given the obvious turn around of events… Poor Indonesia!

    • redrocket says:

      The one you said “narrow minded” is just a piece of asshole group that protesting the venue. If you ever come here you’ll see that Indonesia is not as bad as your judgmental mind told you so

      • kuros says:

        No I mean it…the fact indonesian government cant do any action given what ive said already generalizes everyone. Its like a visitor with good intentions was deprived of at least a nice chair to sit on… and instead the host gave an unwelcoming response… stupid ideocricy!

      • Jonas says:

        But your government yielded to this small group? Indonesian government has the ultimate say on this.

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